colonial artifacts

  1. My first surface find, flat button, minie ball? and pewter button?

    Hunting this spot that has loads of history from early 1600's and before. Native American and Colonists. Its right where a river meets the ocean. So these banks are eroding into the water. First time i have found a flat button just sitting on the surface like that. The rocks and ledge almost act...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I finally dug something colonial right???

    hit up a spot behind a town hall Monday. Thought it might of been a dump at first, when i saw some broken surface glass But these are the only 2 things to come out of the small wooded area. please tell me i finally dug something from the 1700's ? i know its the smallest part of what i think it...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Colonial clasp?

    Hi everyone, I found this at a digging event in Tarboro, NC. It’s probably 2in x 1in, and has two white leaf patterns on the back. I’m told it’s likely a colonial clog clasp. Can anyone confirm this is what it is? And approximately the age? Thanks
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Can anyone help identify this?

    Can anyone help identify this? Dug on an early colonial to victorian era site. It's thin brass. Looks like a hinge of some sort. Has small holes where small brass nails may have been? Thanks
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Shoe buckle?

    I was detecting at an early 1700’s foundation in the woods and found this unusual heart shaped buckle?……well I’m not sure if it’s a buckle or what kind if that. I also found a shoe buckle frame that is similar. If anyone knows if this is a buckle or what kind please lmk.
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Decorative Piece Of Brass....SOMETHING?!? Help ID!

    Hi everyone. Found this today on my hunt, also found a nice old buckle about 10ft from this thing...Brass I think, could be obvious to some !:) Let me know your thoughts, definitely decorative. For reference this was found on a VA Farm Filed with Civil War background, perhaps colonial as well...
  7. ✅ SOLVED OUV button possibly? But how?

    This button appears to have the letters “OUV” on the front and “WALKER No” and “KING STREET” on the back. This is from an early 19th century site in North Alabama. Research suggests it is an Oxford University Vols button, but that would be pretty hard to imagine being found here. Any...
  8. A pipe stem with inlay, or something else?

    Howdy All! I have what looks like a pipe stem to me, but I?d like some input. I am not saying it is from the following era, but for context I found this on a property with a house from about 1860 in central New Jersey. (Permission was of course obtained for searching and retrieval.) The land...
  9. Old Silver / pewter spoon found need help identifying it

    Hey guys, I found this old spoon while out today metal detecting. It’s hard to date but the area was occupied from the late 1600s up until now. There was a revolutionary war near this area. I’m hoping somebody can help identify the markings and possibly date the spoon. The spoon is non-magnetic...
  10. What was this key used for??

    I’ve never seen a skeleton with no teeth?? I don’t believe this is broken, does anyone know what this would be used for??
  11. Colonial iron artifacts - shaped like small houses?

    I found approximately 15 of these iron artifacts at a colonial house site that goes back to the early 1700s. Not sure exactly how old they are, or what they are... They all are about 2.5" tall, .5 inch thick, with a small notch at the bottom. Does anyone have any insight? Thank you in advance!
  12. 17th or 18 century?

    Size is 1.3 inches left to right and 1 inch top to bottom.
  13. Colonial Brass Spoon Mold..

    I found this Colonial Brass Spoon Mold several years back but i have been inactive on posting up artifacts l have found because of being busy with life stuff.. :>( But anyways what do you think and has anyone else ever found one.? This was found in an 1750's Spring-house/Livery in the...