crystaline gold

  1. Galena In Quartz (lead in crystal form)

    just gorgeous,, new we had some but the Wife (Spanishblueyes) was Smashing ore for 5 hours and OOOing and AHHHHing, and out pops the first Crystalline Lead sample I've ever held in my pretty! Thanks M'dear for your help today!
  2. Kugers paydirt has a METEORITE in it!!!

    Kuger's paydirt has a METEORITE in it!!! I took most of Kuger's paydirt gold out of the pan. Put it into a vial. Took the black sands from the pan and put it under a mineral scope. In the mess is a MICROMETEORITE! Very, very small. Not large enough to see (distuinguish) with the unnaided eye...