1. Authentic CSA sword?

    My brother found this 30" CSA sword at a flea market this past year when this flea market started recovering from the pandemic. The seller didn't mention where he got it. I've been trying to track down any information about it, but It's been proving difficult, so I'm coming to you guys for any...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Possible Droop Wing Eagle Confederate Item. Civil War?

    I have hit what appears to be a Confederate Cavalry camp in North Alabama. Several plain flat buttons and odd iron objects with Sharps and Maynard bullets occurring with Roundballs. This is the first item that could be identified as North or South. It is a 35mm, heavily corroded item that...

    I never thought I’d ever find anything like this! I am so truly thankful and grateful. I got a 20-30 signal on my minelab equinox 800. It sounded wayyy to good to be true. I figured it was going to be another can lid, or piece of sheet metal. But it was 15 feet from where the eagle breast plate...
  4. Michigan man finds $16,000 belt buckle

    Michigan attorney Steve Lehto found a mint CSA belt buckle while metal detecting where a sidewalk had been torn up.
  5. .36 round ball and Possible CSA pin I need help identifying

    Hope the pic is good enough. Pin has a “C” in the center. Back has a design but is wearing off. Any thoughts on origin? Site also produced a dropped, likely CSA .69 bullet and a dropped .36 round ball (pictured). Limestone County, Alabama.
  6. 🥇 BANNER C.S.A. Button; Chain Cent; And Many Others!!! Best Day I have Ever Had!!!!

    I went back to the place that I found the 1851 Saber Belt Plate and Vermont Button, and had one heck of a day! The construction crew demolished an old 1920s house, and I was amazed at what came out from underneath it!!! I dug well into the night, nugget after nugget! My finds include: 9 Bullets...
  7. What is this? Brass- set, stacked (might twist) 6 holes each- Civil War Relic