1. Help with grapeshot canister shot using electrolysis

    Hi, I would appreciate any help with using electrolysis on different sizes of grape/canister shot. I tried today (first time with electrolysis). Iā€™m looking for tips for what to use to contact the shot, my alligator clips slip since the shot is round. Thanks in advance. Wish everyone here the best.
  2. Electrolysis Help!

    Best suggestion (Link?) for a home made electrolysis? Most of those on You Tube are kind of odd looking... or maybe it's me. Best suggestion to clean rust without electrolysis?
  3. Electrolysis + Woodworking = Awesome

    Found this cobbler hammer that was all rusted up and junked up...electrolysis and then made a handle for it out of Brazilian Rosewood. One of my favorites so far. Lots of time and effort went into this but I think the results were definitely worth it. Original photos pre electrolysis can be...
  4. My first home test of Electrolysis

    Hello! This is my first post and im new to the forum, but not new to metal detecting, and after washing and brushing stuff for hours on end i started reading about electrolysis, and as i work within Electronics, getting an old Analog power supply was no problem. Tried some new digital ones and...
  5. Iron Preservation Question

    The condition of this anchor shackle has degraded considerably in the ~2 weeks its been out of the ocean. Whats the best way to preserve it? I am not opposed to a long term chemical treatment if that's the best way to go.
  6. Dug my FIRST token in Florida!

    I was out doing some metal detecting in Central Florida and I came across what I though was a washer took it home and hooked it up to my homemade electrolysis and ended up being my FIRST TOKEN Wooooohooooo! It reads as follows: -Good for 5 cent trade -20123 (on reverse) w/ a bow
  7. Electrolysis- Dos and Donts

    Electrolysis- Do's and Donts Here is a link to my (failed, then corrected) attempts at electrolyis. I made some big mistakes, but hopefully you can learn from it!
  8. Blog: Metal Detecting Maryland

    Here is my shameless plug for a blog I started. "Metal Detecting Maryland" http://mentalmetal314.wix.com/mm314mdm Be easy on me I rather new to the blog thing but i found it extremely easy to update as I find something new and want to share it with anyone who cares. There is a photo gallery...
  9. Electrolysis: It CAN be done at home!

    So, I'd heard of electrolysis before but thought it was limited to hair removal :dontknow: so once I read about some of you using it to clean artifacts I had to find out whether it was a simple process or not. Some definitions for you: Oxidation: any surface destruction caused by a chemical...