1. English long cross hammer coin

    I bought this for a few dollars and I have always been interested in English coins but I don't know at all who the bust is depicting. any help?
  2. Mystery Soup Tureen

    I purchased this soup tureen yesterday and I cannot find much if anything about it online. The bottom has a lowercase "c" in the same blue ink as the design and also has a red/orange painted number mark (assuming this is a pattern or model number). Any help would be welcome.

    I cannot identify the era to which this button belongs to. Does anyone here have any ideas? :icon_scratch: Thank You. Note:It was found in the UK on a field that an old roman road went through.
  4. My Sterling Garage Sale Find for Today

    I was lucky to have come across these sterling items. Not sure what they are used for but they stack up inside each other. The guy running the sale didn't know what they were for but he told me there were sterling and only wanted a $1 for them all! I was surprised they were still there since I...
  5. What kind of cannonball is it? If it is...

    This cannonball was found on a small island here on the west coast of BC. There is no history of mining on the island and the ball was found buried in the ground. It has a rich patina and appears old. The ball is 3.5 inches wide and is 5lbs 13 ounces. It is not perfectly round. It appears...
  6. Very old (maybe spanish?) coin I found near Columbus, GA

    Hey everyone !! I found this on a ruck march, I collect coins but this goes above my knowledge. It has a code arms or something on it, plus a small number 7 at the bottom. Any help would be appreciated !