1. Looking to make new friends in or near Fayetteville, NC

    Greetings. I am new to Fayetteville. I actually live in Linden, just a bit north of the Fayetteville line. I've been detecting for over 40 years and for the past 25 in Northern Virginia. I used to detect with a very close friend who has moved to Florida. I prefer to detect with a friend. I...
  2. North Carolina gold prospectors! Looking for fellow enthusiasts

    Hi everybody! I got into gold prospecting a little under a year ago and absolutely love it but I’ve been going by myself the whole time. I would love to find someone or a group of people that would like to do some gold hunting trips. I live in Cameron which is near the fayeteville area so I’ve...
  3. Buddy for Fayetteville,NC

    Need a buddy to go hunting with and show me some spots to detect this week. Reply back if you want to ask more about this or schedule a time to go and detect