Looking to make new friends in or near Fayetteville, NC


Apr 3, 2023
Greetings. I am new to Fayetteville. I actually live in Linden, just a bit north of the Fayetteville line. I've been detecting for over 40 years and for the past 25 in Northern Virginia. I used to detect with a very close friend who has moved to Florida. I prefer to detect with a friend. I do not mind knocking on doors. My preferred detecting is on private property (which I/we have permission) with possible CW recoverable s and old, pre-1900, estates, homes and open fields. I am a good detecting buddy, when I do connect with someone it usually lasts years. I am good sharing and have never been greedy or selfish. I am also an older citizen. I ended a career with the Army, a career with the Department of State and a final career as a biblical archaeologist--I worked an excavation in Jordan for 5 years.

If anyone near here is interested in linking up, please leave a note and I hope to get in to detecting in this part of the country that is now home.


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