field finds

  1. Field Of Dreams! 1 trash, all treasure, Large, half and cut cents

    Good Morning! its me again! I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming after last nights quick 1.5 hour hunt. 2023 was a slow year of detecting. when I say slow, I mean with finds. my buddy and I would go out almost every weekend and detect. but the end of 2023 has been very generous...
  2. First half dime!

    I went back to the Large Cent site for a couple hours this afternoon with the two oldest kids. It was a pretty slow hunt overall with a lot of trash although I did like the cast iron stove foot. The very last signal of the day was the half dime. I thought it was a toy aluminum coin at first. My...
  3. Junior G-Man Badge

    Our soybeans finally got harvested. So, I hit the field today. I found three pieces of a ‘Junior G-Man’ badge. They were in 3 separate holes, all within a ten foot area. I lost the sunlight, but I’ll be back out later this week to search for more pieces. Have a great week! Jumpy solid signal...
  4. Two Hours IN A Corn Field "To Find This"

    Metal detecting like it really is: Cold temps, hard conditions and real finds. Come along as we detect a corn field.