1. Very old s type fuse in “GOLD”!?

    Hey found this by an old trading post a foot deep at least with the mine lab 800 crushing it as usual! Wondering what it is!? I think a type fuse thanks for any info!
  2. Hope this isnt what it looks like!

    Hope this isn't what it looks like! I was going through some old MD'ing finds today and ran across this old item. It appears to screw into something at one end and the other looks like the back of a center fire cartridge. Embossed on the shaft is either 40 sec. or 40 s & c. It looks to me...
  3. Silver - 1Kg for $40! - Electrical Fuse 2500A 500V ASEA Sweeden

    This is more of a "WIN" than a "find", but I know many of you are hunting silver... and it is easier to scrap it than dig it up. I bid on a box of old fuses/circuit breakers online. Nobody bid against me (the modern ones don't have much silver) and I managed to win it at AU$40. On inspection...