Silver - 1Kg for $40! - Electrical Fuse 2500A 500V ASEA Sweeden


Mar 24, 2006
Pasadena CA
This is more of a "WIN" than a "find", but I know many of you are hunting silver... and it is easier to scrap it than dig it up.

I bid on a box of old fuses/circuit breakers online. Nobody bid against me (the modern ones don't have much silver) and I managed to win it at AU$40. On inspection, I found that each of the fuses uses pure silver on the ends. So, out of 12 fuses I have managed to end up with a over a kilo of silver (AU$700 in Sydney!). Each end weighs in at around 55g making each fuse over 100g of silver.

Be aware that if you are buying these, many of the modern ones use silver plated tin/steel. So buy with caution.

For those hunting for some scrap silver, keep an eye out for these fuses:

Asea SLAO 500V 250A (Sweeden)
CRADY Tardofus AC-1 gl 200A 500V - 250V (Spain)

Photos to follow:

2015-11-03 08.04.11.jpg

2015-11-03 08.03.19.jpg

2015-11-03 08.03.25.jpg

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Brilliant! Way to think out of the box...Brad

Awesome!!! Treasure is where you find it!! Congrats!

Each fuse contains 4g of silver (80%). The ends are 16.5% silver / 50% copper, which means that at the current price of silver they are not worth melting. Cost of refining would be the equivalent value of the silver.
So, in the end I did a little better than break even. Oh-well... next time. :)

Nice score,,, very nice
Last year, we replaced the batteries in our data center and since everything was new we had a huge pile of the metal connectors that connected the batteries to each other.
I snagged em up because you can ALWAYS use 1/4" metal plates. Little did I know I had scored a prize of much more value than steel.
Went to use one and drilled a hole in it and the cuttings were YELLOW (to me as I am colorblind). Turns out they were solid copper. 6" x 3" x .25" thick.
Ended up with a little over a hundred pounds of solid copper bars.
And Yep,,, I took the missus out for a fine night on the town.

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