1. ✅ SOLVED What type of Ingots do I have

    I found these two ingots and have done some research and i keep finding ingots with the same name stamped into it but they consistently also have the stamp that says "Radium" these ingots are shiny.
  2. Civil War Knapsack

    Hey Gang, I found an old knapsack that appears to be an original from the Civil War. Any opinions, based on your experience and knowledge? I'd love any feedback. Real or Fake? -Civil War Geek Fl.
  3. Real Ruby Test ? I think I stumbled upon a cheap way to see if a Ruby is real!?!?!

    So, I treasure hunt, not really in the dirt, but in thrift stores and such. They have become very educated in the area of whats worth a crap ton of money, and it stinks, but I found what I think might be a HUGE RUBY 7.1 carats, its clean but not completely clean. SO, I tried to figure out how...