1. What to do with these damn LLC properties!?!?

    Hey everybody, I'm curious as to how you all deal with these shenanigans. You're out driving around, looking for likely locations for old homesteads. As you approach, you see the GIGANTIC OAKS, an old Chimney but nothing else, old fence posts, etc. You think to yourself, "THAT'S THE SPOT!" You...
  2. Qgis

    Anyone using Qgis for map overlay's? Just curious, I've been experimenting with it and have had limited (none) success with it.
  3. Arthur Lakes Library - Colorado School of Mines

    The Colo School Of Mines map library is available to the public, where large maps can be unrolled on their large map tables. Paper copies can be purchased. My friend gave me some wall sized maps of Leadville. You won't find better maps anywhere. At least maps you can actually read. The school...