1. Some golf gloves

    On our daily treasure hunts, we came across some vintage golf gloves. Cougar shark suede. New. They are pre-barcode. None like them on Ebay. Here are some pics.
  2. Found Sam Saunders Golf Shoes today. Any Golf Collectors Here?

    I have a question... Found a pair of golf shoes that belonged to Sam Saunders, pro golfer, and grandson of Arnie Palmer. Shoes are Footjoy Size 10D. I plan to sell them because, well, I'm not interested in golf. So, here's my stupid question... Should I clean them up or leave them as-is...
  3. Got vintage golf clubs with painted faces - what do colors mean?

    I seized upon these old clubs because i loved the coloured patches on the wood grain club faces . So I did a pile of online research, and asked some experts, ... but still cant figure out what the colours mean ? was it just a golf club fashion trend? What do the colours mean? What other...
  4. ✅ SOLVED Childs golf clubhead?

    Child's golf clubhead? I do not golf other than the occasional family round of Putt Putt, so I'm a little confused by this find. I found this clubhead while digging at a house build around 1900. What strikes me is that it seems so small. Is this a child's version or did they use to make the...
  5. ✅ SOLVED Award Plate 1975 Ozaukee CC, Flight C Runner Up, Presidents Cup -- is this for golf?

    Is this Award Plate for a golf tournament or soccer? Etched in center: " 1975 Ozaukee CC, Flight C Runner Up, Presidents Cup". 11.5 inch diameter. Silver plated or something like that. Any guesses?
  6. Gold prospecting

    I am scouting the white river near Indianapolis and I have a sluice box that can pick up some good gold but I am wondering if I will even find gold at all?