✅ SOLVED Childs golf clubhead?

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Jul 12, 2014
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Child's golf clubhead?

I do not golf other than the occasional family round of Putt Putt, so I'm a little confused by this find. I found this clubhead while digging at a house build around 1900. What strikes me is that it seems so small. Is this a child's version or did they use to make the irons smaller? The only marking on the whole thing is the number 5 on the back, so I'm assuming that means it is a 5 iron. Or it is an escapee from a putt putt course? The face of the head measures only about 1.5 inches by 2.25 inches and it seems to have about a 20 degree angle. The whole blade seems very thin like a putter to me. Like I said, I do not golf, so all comments are welcome. Also, since there is no writing, would anyone have a clue as to how old this might be? For all I know, it could have been dropped only a couple years ago. Thanks.


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I collected golf clubs for years, but not what you have. The thinness of the club would indicate an age of 20s to 30s but looking at the part of the club where the shaft would attach, it is a bit too short for that era, and there is no evidence of a pin hole. By much later than that and you would seldom see a custom made club. Even the Scottish and Irish clubs that were made by the pro shop had the makers mark on it somewhere, so without that you really don't have much more than a paper weight, I would guess. It would not be a playable club today.

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Thanks everyone. I never figured it was worth anything, I was just curious as to who would have used it and when it was made. Given my athletic ability, I'm better off making any golf equipment into a paper weight.

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