Got vintage golf clubs with painted faces - what do colors mean?


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Nov 27, 2007
Toronto, Ontario
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I seized upon these old clubs because i loved the coloured patches on the wood grain club faces .
So I did a pile of online research, and asked some experts, ... but still cant figure out what the colours mean ? was it just a golf club fashion trend?
What do the colours mean?

What other colours are there?

I asked Bradlee Ryall, a golf pro who runs a golf academy at six Kaneff golf courses west of the city of Toronto - he's a teacher who grew up in the area, and he's been playing golf for twenty years . But he wasnt much help - everything is brand new in his world

Wrote about golf club collecting on Dumpdiggers blog. There's been some big auction sales in the UK in the last decade.

Are the shafts wooden

The colors of the inserts really have no particular meaning.
I suspect your clubs vintage would be late 1940s on thru the 1960’s and during that time, plastic insert materials for drivers and fairway woods were in experimental stages by various manufacturers so they could tout “their” clubs were the next best in hitting that little “white egg” the farthest. . . Just like today.

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