1. Vintage Bracelet looks unusual

    Hello! Please help to identify the name, style or any information about this bracelet. There are no any marks. Thank you!
  2. Green Washengton/Adams Bottle

    Yes, the "Washengton" is misspelled on the bottle. I can't find any info online about it. (With an exception of a listing on Ebay but they don't provide any more info in their description) I read on another forum that someone claimed that it was a fake, but I'm doubting that statement because I...
  3. Trying To Identify This Green Polished Stone

    I recently bought this ring and am trying to identify what it's made of. The seller said he dug it up, as is, in North Georgia USA. He polished it and set in stainless steel. Apparently, it was found in this circular shape when found.
  4. How to tell if its glass or diamond

    Hi! I found some gemstones hidden under tree branches and leaves in malta. Anyone knows what they might be. They are heavy, scratch coins and glass easily (colorless or whitish streak) and look a lot like diamonds to me 😊 i dont want to go to the expert yet, unless its verified its not a glass...
  5. What in some other world

    found a bunch of these neat green, red,orange,and dark blue stones and noticed what looks like two little bird like people tucked together with the smaller one wrapped at the waist of the larger of the kin i would presume. Any ideas about what on gods green earth can explain this not so far...
  6. Jade?

    I'm hoping this is jade
  7. Whats in my conglomerate?

    I found this thing a couple a miles south east of Wickenburg, AZ, seems a bit heavy for its size. Has a number of small quartz crystals, some green about the size of pencil lead, Variegated brown about the size of pencil erasers. Thanx for any info....... OldNSloe
  8. ✅ SOLVED Anyone know anything about this green vase?

    Can anyone help identify this vase? I don't see any words or markings other than what you can see in the picture. Most likely purchased by my grandmother between 1930 and 1970.
  9. Milky-Green Quartz-like rock

    The first is with flash on and is a decent rep but the transparency is milky closer to the top and bottom and is clear in the middle. Is this an algae or natural colorization? It doesn't appear vivid enough to be emerald and darker than most peridot I have seen. It is brittle, this piece just...
  10. Help identify green crystals and silver luster magetic composite

    I am new to mineralogy and prospecting, and am looking for any feedback about your best guess for the components of this rock I found in New River, AZ just north of Phoenix. What tests should I perform, or should I break it up or crush it for separating any components of potential value...
  11. A type of Jasper...

    Hello, I cannot identify the stone circled in red. All I (think) I know is that it is Jasper but I would like to know what type. Thanks for your help!
  12. Green/Black rock...What is it?

    I have a rock that is green and black. The black part has an oily feel and sheen that make it look purplish. Any ideas what it is?
  13. Need help identifying glass bowl

    My 'find' is a wide glass bowl. It is about 13.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches tall. It is a dull cloudy sage green with other colored glass swirled through it. The outer portion of the bowl looks like it is coated with an off-white paint. The underneath shows the colored class better. No marks...
  14. What is the HUGE green glass bottle worth?