1. Satin finish vs Proof "mirror" finish?

    Newbie question, here -- I'm learning about half dollars. I need to understand the difference between recognizing a "satin finish" on the 2005-2010 Denver half dollars vs recognizing a "proof mirror-like finish". Any guidance from the experienced CRH-ers? Thanks!
  2. Half

    Half dime
  3. Gorgeous Barber half from yard.

    Found this a couple of weeks ago. I found 2 barber halves last year but this is by far the best condition and I can read LIBERTY on the head ribbon/band. Made my day!Glad I got the Etrac last year!
  4. Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar - Error or PMD?

    I have this Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar with something strange on the reverse. It seems that the "F" in "HALF DOLLAR" is missing. You can see some artifacts of the "F", but for the most part it is gone. To me it looks like post mint damage (perhaps even done on purpose), but I would like...
  5. Double Shotgun Rolls - Skunky

    During my lunch break, I went to a bank (in an area to which I seldom go) and asked for half dollars. They gave me $12.50 loose, $30 in regular shotgun rolls, and $120 in double shotgun rolls. All of the rolls were old CWR and I was very excited to see them. Drove straight to a park and...
  6. first timer, hit the bank today searchin for silver

    so i've been lurking this place for a number of years, never posted until now. all of your posts in this forum inspired me to do some coin roll hunting. today i took a hundred dollar bill to a local bank and grabbed up 10 rolls of half dollars. i managed to pluck out (3) 40%ers, 1968D halfs. not...
  7. Help identifying mint mark on 1981 Kennedy

    This is my first post on Treasurenet. I love the site, very informative and has been a big help being that I am new to CRHing... I was searching a box of Kennedy halves and this 1981 coin really stood out... the mint mark almost looks like a filled P (i know blob mint marks were quite common in...