Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar - Error or PMD?


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Mar 17, 2012
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I have this Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar with something strange on the reverse. It seems that the "F" in "HALF DOLLAR" is missing. You can see some artifacts of the "F", but for the most part it is gone. To me it looks like post mint damage (perhaps even done on purpose), but I would like your opinions. Maybe this is actually some sort of error? It also looks like the "CE" in "INDEPENDENCE HALL" is worn down.


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Looks like damage to me. The shine and texture of the coin's surface is different at the spot of the F and missing CE. I would take it to a coin dealer and ask. Usually I buy something cheap, like a few cardboard coin holders, and then ask about the coin in question when I check out so the dealer doesn't feel as though I am asking for a free appraisal...good luck, hope it is an error!

It has been struck through a blob of grease. The coin is obviously in a late die state, and striking through grease is common for such coins. They are extremely common, and not worth a premium. The "lustre" is actually the orange-peel effect coming from being struck from old dies.

I remember finding one of those in circulation when I was a kid back in 1976 or 1977. The "F" in HALF was not missing like yours, but the "CE" in Independence looked just like yours does. My Mom took it to her work to show her friend that collected coins. He offered $20 for it, and I should have taken the offer. A couple years later I ended up spending it at face value when out with friends, and I had no other money..duh.. Good luck with yours, I think it is worth more than face value, but I have no idea how much more.

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