1. Silver thimble, does anybody recognize the hallmark?

    Found in the yard of a home that was moved to the current site at the beginning of the 20th century, but the area was a town in the 1850s. There are no marks on the inside of the thimble. I am hoping somebody will recognize what I assume is the maker's trademark... Sterling broken up into two...
  2. Hallmark ID Needed and Signature ID needed - Vintage Jewelry

    Hello! I have two pieces of vintage jewelry for which I can't figure out the maker. I hope someone here can help! The first is a pair of earrings (1950's I'm guessing.) The hallmark on the back of the earring screwback is the letter "H" inside a diamond. I am attaching the front and back of...
  3. Identify these Hallmarks

    [SIZE=4][/SIZE Can someone please identify these hallmarks? THANKS !!!!!
  4. Silver Plate or Sterling Spoons? *need help to id hallmark*

    I picked up these 2 spoons, however, I am not sure if it is sterling or not. I am hoping someone is familiar with these hallmarks as they are on the inside of spoon rather than on the back like you usually see. ( capital "C" inside a shield and what looks like a rampant lion inside another shield)