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Aug 14, 2015
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I have two pieces of vintage jewelry for which I can't figure out the maker. I hope someone here can help!

The first is a pair of earrings (1950's I'm guessing.) The hallmark on the back of the earring screwback is the letter "H" inside a diamond. I am attaching the front and back of the earrings.

Unnown H hallmark (800x594).jpgH diamond hallmark (800x590).jpg

The second is a silver necklace (925) and I can't make out the signature on the clasp. I am guessing that this is also a 1950's piece.

Unknown necklace (800x585).jpgUnknown Silver Necklace Sign (800x405).jpg


You should get a copy of Dorothy Rainwater's book "American Jewelry Manufacturers". Its not expensive and it will help you id manufacturers. I don't see one in her book that exactly matches you H in a lozenge mark, which is on your earring back. The necklace is great but I don't know this mark either.

Here is a link to the research section on my web site, Vintage Jewelry History, Research, Identification - Links, hopefully this will help. Please take a look at the books I recommend. I would also join the Silver Forum and ask about your necklace. A link to this resource is under "Jewelry History - Links".


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Thanks so much, Polly! I will get the book- I have been reading a lot and need to learn more. I didn't even know that the diamond was called a 'lozenge' mark! ;)

I'll join the silver forum and see if anyone there has an idea about the necklace as well. I haven't found many online forums for vintage jewelry, so I really appreciate your help!

Looks like signature could be Gravoise. The 925 is sterling. The H in diamond is usually Heise which made carnival glass and was copyrighted but don't know if that would extend to jewelry? There is a russian emigrant jeweler that used that mark but his H doesnt have serifs (the lines that stick out of line ends) His name was Jacob Hookaylo. Maybe that will help?

Word of advice...
When posting an item for id...
Please put multiple pics...dimensions... type etc.

AND... CLEAN the mark by a gentle rub.

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