Silver Plate or Sterling Spoons? *need help to id hallmark*


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Aug 22, 2012
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I picked up these 2 spoons, however, I am not sure if it is sterling or not. I am hoping someone is familiar with these hallmarks as they are on the inside of spoon rather than on the back like you usually see. ( capital "C" inside a shield and what looks like a rampant lion inside another shield)


Not a mark I've see before. The top spoon looks worn on the front edge and I see no base metal. The lion with a raised paw is typical British hallmark, but the cartouche looks unfamiliar to me. The C could be a date mark. An acid test will tell you for sure what you have. I'm going to see if I can find those marks online.

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I think probably sterling, but not British. Some American and Canadian companies used the lion rampant as well. If it were British and the C was date code, you would also have a city mark on it I think.

A silver Company from America called (Gorham) uses the Passant lion but they also use a Capital (G) Never seen a (U) before or (C). I'm going to say they are Sterling because of the Lion, its a common mark for Sterling. Who knows about the other mark, maybe able to find it in Google.

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It may be a Glascow mark The lion Rampant, in particular the shield design appears to be right on. The C would be a date letter with the specific shield design indicating which year also, because letters have been used as date codes for a couple hundred years at least. The shield design is what changes along with the font itself. Then again it could be an American mark. It's definitely not a Gorham mark, though there were others that mimicked the British marks as previously mentioned.

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