1. Rust non magnetic

    Heavy hard rock dulls a file quickly, oxidized but not magnetic
  2. Heavy brass rectangle with "MS" cut into it

    Hello, I posted this item I found yesterday on Todays Finds, but except for a very kind Professor of Engineering, I have gotten no responses. I do not blame anyone because this is a tough I.D,. but I thought maybe by moving it here someone may recognize it. The item is 3" by 1 3/8" and...
  3. Help identify this duel mineral specimen please!

    I have found this on a beach in the west of England. Seams to be quartz invades in something??
  4. Curious what this heavy rock is?

    I'm curious what this is as it is very heavy for its size. I'm in the North of the UK. Found near lots of iron type rocks. I would love to know the name of this rock. Thanks. :icon_thumleft: https://imgur.com/a/Ofakqd3
  5. Round disc with letters, symbols

    Steve and I went to a neat old stone chimney site today. The land looked pristine--never been detected to our knowledge, and our mouths were watering as we turned on our detectors. Three hours later we had a nice collection of shotgun shell brass, fruit jar lids, small bits of lead, and not...
  6. Cubed shaped metallic formation inside of hematite...🤔

    Ok I need to know if this is something anyone else has come across and can tell me what it is. I found four very heavy hematite like rocks i guess but I can see different mineralization on two of them. One I think magnatite and the rest I'm not sure. Two look burned and more colorful. But...
  7. HELLO! Please help with identification of this rock

    I have a blackish smooth and dull rock that looks volcanic or hematite like to me but it has no streak and is only very slightly magnetic at best. Where it looks like it tapered or spouted off at cooling is where I have attempted to make a window. It completely killed my blade and never could...
  8. Found this rock in the desert in texas has odd properties

    Did streak test silver matalic part streaks dark grey,black Rock part streaked red. They are not mixed together but hooked to each other. I though hematite and magnatite, but their attractions to a magnet is backwards for those. It is heavy and acclamates to hot or cold in less than a minute
  9. Trying to identify

    Found in desert in central texas
  10. Can Anyone Help Me With This One?

    Earlyer today i was detecting on a permission in Chester and came across this, i was hoping it was siver at first because of the weight of it but i am not to sure what it is, weather it is a coin or not? If anyone can help me it would be intresting to find out :) thankyou and happy hunting!
  11. crazy heavy egg rock...

    crazy heavy 'egg' 'rock'... i am so very fortunate to be hunting through a pre civil war barn, that has been stuffed by each owner and never cleared... I know, AWESOME! I came across this on the lower level, just inside the 'foundation' (crumbling).... it is not just a rock... what are your...
  12. huge shiny mass

    Found this matter last night on my parents property, dont know what it is. Anybody know what I have?
  13. Gem stone ID

    I found this neat gemstone set in some kind of metal on the sidewalk. It is very heavy for it's size. Any thoughts on it would be great. Thanks,
  14. MASSIVE Civil War Bullet In The Woods

    I just got back in time to post this as a "Today's Find". I went out to a wooded area with a buddy tonight that was right in front of what used to be an old house. The house has pretty much fallen apart completely now and all that is left is the foundation of the chimney. We thought that we may...