horse shoe

  1. Henry 8th Hammered 😍

    Today we popped back into the field of dreams (where I found the Philip & Mary coin 😆) bit of a slow start, but we stuck at it, despite the rain and freezing wind! All the usual big chunks of lead, musket balls, lead thingys, little bullets. A crusty button, other bits, some Roman Nails...
  2. Today’s treasure!

    At last we were able to get back out in the fresh air! The fields we wanted to do were being worked, so we decided to try a random field.. we were very happy we did. An amazing button… 2 amazing horse shoes… musket balls, a conjoined musket ball, more of our special lead thingys… and another...
  3. Horse shoe

    I found this horse shoe on our property in Kentucky this morning. Photos of it and some compared to my horses current shoes. Not sure how old it could be? I haven’t cleaned it up yet
  4. Lucky Gold Horseshoe: 2nd Time Ever Metal Detecting

    Lucky Gold & Diamond Horseshoe: 2nd Time Ever Metal Detecting Was at the beach with my mother teaching her the minimal amount I knew about metal detecting with my brand new Garrett ATMAX. Was cruising around the pepper corn trees finding all sorts of change, thought I detected a quarter but...
  5. ✅ SOLVED Found Today in back yard buried... i think it is a real horseshoe but not sure on era

    Found Today in back yard buried... i think it is a real horseshoe but not sure on era questions i want answered... is it a front shoe? is it a back shoe of a horse? what era 1700's or 1800's or what have you? the closer the better. i am no horseshoe expert or rookie. all i think for sure it is...
  6. Iron Forged Horse Shoe Historical Distric San Antonio Texas Alamo.

    I was digging a utility pole hole , and dug up an iron forged horse shoe about 4' down in the ground . I have pictures of location, equipment, and horse shoe if anyone should be interested. It would make a nice conversation piece as far as having a lucky horse shoe. email.... [email protected].