jack knife

  1. J.G. shells and other farm finds

    First dig of the Spring in Southern Minnesota, USA on a farm dating back to the 1850s. 1. Top finds were the 2 shell casings stamped J.G. (Jospeh Goldmark), which I believe are 56-50 shells dating from the Civil War era. I'd love some confirmation on that from those who know their cartridges...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Iron Mystery and an a Jack Knife Help Please.

    East Texas, Piney woods area found this stuff in the woods, no houses around. Any help identifying would be appreciated! Thanks for your time. I was trying to clean the knife up a bit, but I kept loosing pieces of the bone, or wood that was left on it so I quit.
  3. Another Day of Colonial?? Finds...Massachusetts

    Hi everyone, just posting today's finds. Anything look familiar (besides the obvious, lol)? Curious about the round hollow circle thingy. Enjoy! Lisa & John