1. Any ivory pros here?

    Would really love to know more about these 3 items ive got. I know nothing about them at all. Except they are old. Have tried to detect the language and tried to decode the signatures but without luck. So any information is heartly welcomed. Thank you guys
  2. Japanese Studio Pottery... What is the mark?

    Hi all, Can anyone help me to identify this mark? I think the item is 1950s/60s.
  3. Need help identifying the mark on this Japanese studio pottery vase.

    I believe this vase is from the 1950s. I purchased it at an antique fair and would appreciate some help identifying the mark.
  4. weird heart shaped rock with asian symbol? what is this?

    found this at a local market, trade day type thing. anyone know what this is?
  5. Just received family heirloom bayonet!

    Had to share! Story goes that my wife's great great uncle received this from his father when he was a child, sometime in the 30's I guess. Identified it using this awesome site (Bayonets of Japan) and I believe it's a Japanese Type 30, early WWII. Then again, though that one has the correct...
  6. Possible Japanese Buried Treasure? [Newbie Post]

    We found these while digging our grandma's backyard. We were originally trying to make a water well but when we were drilling, the drill came in contact with a hard object and it broke so we were curious and dug and so forth... First thing that showed up... Stone formed snake head, a round...
  7. Japanese Face

    Found in San Francisco thrift store. 4" x 4" material seems to be ceramic. Thanks!
  8. ✅ SOLVED Old Japanese Coin?

    Found a coin today. It has asian writing on it for sure but I'm not sure what it is. Looks like a Japanese Yen maybe but I cannot i.d. it. Need some help. Thanks y'all
  9. ?1943 Japanese Imperial Navy Aviation Graduation Fob/Badge WWII?

    Happy Thanksgiving from Quantico, Virginia. I am new to this site and only been out with my brother while he detects in the past. My brother has been metal detecting for many, many years, upgraded his detector, and gave me his older White Spectrum. He is visiting for Thanksgiving and we took...
  10. Identify this vase?

    Hello, I need help identifying this vase I recently obtained. It only has one marking which is on the inside of the vase at the top(as seen in the picture), I also took a picture of the based although there isn't anything significant on it I believe. Please help identify it and maybe do a price...
  11. Help ID some Japanese prints

    I had already posted these prints, but was advised to move it here. Please let me know if you have any ideas what these could be, the age, or what the print marking say.. Thank you!
  12. signs on stones.

    Hi i am a new member here and i need some opinion from pros. our group is on a project now in the philippines. In a 3meter wide river, We found a palm-sized face on a 2-meter wide round rock(we think its japanese). water level is just about 3-5ft and is full of rocks. about 5 meters away from...

    Hi All, Just trying to determine what this little box is ------I believe it to be old. It appears to have the remnants of something red inside (makeup?). Thanks.
  14. some chinese/japanese coin..?

    This coin(or token) my mom had and wasn't sure what it was. I have no clue what it could be seeing as its the same thing on both sides of the coin. Any information on this coin would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks! (Pictures below)
  15. Trench Art???

    I got this at a antique store and have no idea what it is....Someone told me that it could possibly be trench art since it has an inscription of "JAP 1ST. DIV", but maybe some of you who know way more than I do can help me. Thanks!
  16. Black Lacquered Sake Set Painted with Gold Fishes

    Anyone might have a clue what this is worth, who made this and age? Thanks.