1. Pat. 1858 Masons Jar

    Pat. 1858 Masons Jar

    This small Mason jar was produced some time between 1878-1883. It sports the original patent date of Nov. 30th 1858 embossed on the front. It is a rare variant which lacks the apostrophe in "Mason's". Excavated May 5th 2023.
  2. Whiskey Jug

    Whiskey Jug

    These are all finds from a relic hunt I conducted on April 14th 2022. A complete whiskey jug from the late 19th to turn of the 20th century, a Dundee Marmalade jar, a slug-plate embossed blob-top beer bottle, brass skeleton key, and an old tobacco pipe.
  3. Old medicine bottle and a jar. (how to restore them?)

    My father and I went on an adventure yesterday to the back of his property where he had found a pile of goodies he ask me to help him carry some stuff and I would get to keep some goodies for myself! We found a lot of mostly broken unidentifiable items but we did find a lot of Snow Crop orange...
  4. First Find!

    Hey guys! Here is a few pictures of my first find! A lid to a 1933-1960 Ball jar.
  5. Ball Mason jar With "Pe ffct" lettering error

    Hello! I've reccent dug an Ball-blue Half-gallon Mason Jar c.1923-1933 With "Pe ffct" lettering error. Although I'm quite attached to it.. I was wondering if the error would effect its value in any way. Thanks! The Jar- And measured- And the bottom-
  6. Newbie Needs Help with Identifying Crown Jar - Please Help!

    Hello! I am new to glass, so please forgive any silly questions. I've looked all over the internet to see if I could find another jar like this one, and so far -- no luck. It's a really interesting jar and I'd love to know more about what it was used for and where it came from. The lid is a lot...
  7. "Old" jug found off Long Island, NY

    Ancient looking "terra cotta" jug found off Long Island, NY Hello All, I'm new to the site, but you guys came highly recommended. I'm hoping you can help with ID on object. A friend brought this jug into work today for me to ID and I have no idea what it is and whether it is even authentic...
  8. Help with Colonial stoneware jar?

    Hi all, I was at someone's farm house and was walking around the property when I noticed a massive fallen tree. I always check the exposed roots of fallen trees to see if any goodies are sticking out. This time there was what appeared to be a stoneware jar of some kind stuck in the main root...
  9. Thick Canning Jar with Embossed Fruit & Hinged Lid - Help?

    Hi! I bought an old canning jar at a thrift store today. It doesn't seem to have any marks and I am not very familiar with canning jars. I'm a newbie at glass in general. It's very thick with aqua tinted glass and is heavily embossed with various fruit. It has a hinged lid and a (now) white...