1. Indonesian Kris dagger sell price?

    Trying to sell this kris knife I got from a friend. Case is some type of bone/ ivory? No clue how or where to take it to have it priced? Any help would be great!
  2. Old dagger? Sacrificial knife?

  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any clue about his knife?

    Recently, we removed about 6 inches of topsoil from a yard in southern WV and have found 1 broken point, 1 broken scraper, and a lot of flakes. Then yesterday I found this knife in the same exact location. I have no clue about knife identification or aging them. I haven't seen any stamped area...
  4. Is this Knife old? What type of metal?

    HI! I recently found this knife, along with some old bottles, dampers, forks, shotgun shells, etc. The knife is really heavy for its size. I was able to polish up the metal blade easily with some steel wool. The handle is very solid. Cant tell if it is stone or some type of metal that has been...
  5. Quit throwing knives and phones in the river please!

    Found some stuff this weekend. One silver, one tungsten, and 2 titanium rings, a tag heuer 200m, couple of knives.
  6. Some Knives "one special"

    These are just a few of the knives I have detected with my Tesoro Eldorado (lunch box) 1988 model and still digging strong:icon_thumright: The first and third knife from the left where made from files and were found in old mining town and the two butter knives and pocket knife found there also...
  7. Pakistan Folding Knife

    I went to a local flea market today. I am not a knife collector but I usually see a lot of folding knives with wooden handles being sold. I really don't pay any mind to them since I like looking for jewelry. There was a table with a whole lot of small zip lock bags stuffed with watches, jewelry...
  8. hinkle knife hk-502

    Can anyone tell me where I can find out the value of this vintage knife?
  9. Found in this in the lake today

    Found this in a inland natural lake in mid Michigan. Would anyone happen to know what period it is from?
  10. Pair of dimes, pair of knives.

    I may have to change my user name to Butter... 'cause I'm on a roll. I found two more silver dimes today, the more impressive of the two being the 1918 Mercury. Yeah, they are just dimes... but it sure makes me smile to see some silver in the hole, after endless pennies. Not that pennies are bad...
  11. Old knife help

    hey guys,I found this old knife in a stone wall under several stones,the area that I found it in has several celler holes producing late 18th to early 19th century artifacts.any idea on a possible age of the knife or any info on it. it is approximately 9.75 inches in has since been...