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Aug 22, 2012
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I went to a local flea market today. I am not a knife collector but I usually see a lot of folding knives with wooden handles being sold. I really don't pay any mind to them since I like looking for jewelry. There was a table with a whole lot of small zip lock bags stuffed with watches, jewelry and odds and ends all for a dollar a bag. I noticed this knife that was in a bag of junket pins. It caught my eye because it wasn't like the usual wooden handles that I usually see.
On the handle it has what appears to be a carnival scene with kids and adults in silhouette (on both sides) The ends of knife are brass. The blade says " stainless Pakistan"
Measures 5" long . Looks better in person than picture.. sorry

1) Does anyone know if Pakistan knives are collectible or any good?
2) How old could this one be? (there is thick plastic or lucite covering the handle)



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Jul 15, 2004
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Pakistan knives don't hold any real value in the actual knife collectors market. They are good to have around though, they work. I'll use a cheap knife over a good one any day though in my tackle box or tool box as a "throw around all purpose" knife, like the one sitting in front of me on my desk, lol. I'd say yours probably dates to the 1980's, possibly late 70's. What kind of pins were in the bag?
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Feb 29, 2016
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In past years, "made in Japan" knives were the worthless, throw-away knives. More recently, it was "made in China". Now most of the modern, throw-away knives are "made in Pakistan". Actually, the older "made in Japan" knives can be quite collectible now.

Yours doesn't appear to be one of the newer Pakistan knives, but still, the quality just isn't there. Any real collectible value would be in the scene on the handle - which is what caught your eye in the first place.


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Jul 9, 2012
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Cheap steel, won't hold an edge, all still sell for $10 or less. I like yours though. Once had over 200 knives in my collection. Would've bought yours...

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