ladder back chair

  1. How old are these slat back chairs and their value??

    I’ve had these ladder back/slat back chairs for about 10 years. I’d like to know more about them, exactly what they are, and their approximate value. There seems to be the number 17 carved or stamped on the right back u underneath on all 6 chairs.
  2. Early Ladder Back Chair???

    Hi Everyone, I'm helping a friend clear out an old storage unit and we happened upon this antique looking early ladder back chair. I did a little bit of research on this site, thank you Lucas, and I'm pretty sure its not a shaker chair. Anyway, I was planning on listing it at around 110 bucks...
  3. Slat-Back Chair Age and Origin?

    Any help identifying this chair age and/or geographic origin is appreciated! I cant find anything similar online but I'm hoping someone's seen this before. The chair doesn't appear to be oak but some other light colored hardwood. The seat was especially interesting because of the support...
  4. Is this a Shaker chair?

    I think this is a Shaker ladderback chair but I would be grateful for any more information anyone can give me about it, such as its age, maker, and whether it has any value. Clearly it's in rough shape, but the structure is strong! Sorry, I don't know why my photos are uploading sideways. :-(