1. Can you identify? TODAYS FIND!

    Found on outing today...Has initials R.F. and Also this mark. Can anyone please help Identify this mark? Happy Dirt...
  2. 58 Deutsche mark DDO

    From a flea market this morning for 10c
  3. Studio Pottery Vase?

    Can anyone help me identify the mark shown on this vase?
  4. Need help identifying the mark on this Japanese studio pottery vase.

    I believe this vase is from the 1950s. I purchased it at an antique fair and would appreciate some help identifying the mark.
  5. Please help identify this Mark

    Hi all, Please if anyone can identify this mark. It is found in Tanzania on a concrete that is on a rock. There are several marks like this in many parts of the country, sometimes with extra symbols like +m, -m, +w, some numbers and other letters. The grandparents insisted that they mark sites...
  6. Chinese chop mark identify

    I inherited a picture made by a chinese person. It has a chinese chop mark and a signature on it. I hope someone here can identify it for me? Many thanks
  7. Treasure Marks weird

    dear team i just joined the forum . i would like to share this mark if it has any meaning
  8. what this sign refer to???

  9. please help treasure mark

    can you tell me please what this sign refer to...
  10. important sign,,, please help

    i've founded this sign ,,, is marks to a treasure .. please help from experts...
  11. Need help iding this makers mark

    Need help id'ing this maker's mark Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I have a ring with markings P, what looks to be a fist, and 10k. Any info would be great.
  12. Pottery Mark Has Me Stumped!

    I have literally searched thousands of marks and can't find a hint to what manufacturer this is. Hopefully someone on here can help me solve this head-thumping mystery!
  13. Big Stones with Possible Treasure Hunt Symbols

    These stones were from our farm and we made interest about treasure hunting stuff. To those treasure hunters who want to work with us, just contact these numbers: 09078251908 or 09352102738