meteorite ?

  1. Help on identifying this? Thought it might be a meteorite

    Has some kind of fusion crust, it's metallic and produces black-reddish brown powder when filed, any ideas on what it is, also thought it could be hematite, but it's not magnetic
  2. Meteorite or not?

    Hi everyone! Found this in ground (about 15 cm depth). It is magnetic, and rather heavy (145 grams). The size is 56mm*46mm*20mm. Also, my detector shows that it is non ferrous metal. What do you think, could be a meteorite? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone

    Help Me identify this!! hello I registered with this site because I have an interesting rock that Im unsure about maybe you can give me some more information thanks
  4. possible micro-meteorites #2

    here are some more i picked up from the stormwater gutters with a magnet. please circle any that you think are meteorites with the paint program and then post the picture. thanks!!!
  5. Meteorite, or wrong? Please help if you can, thank you!

    Found in north eastern Florida. It has a density well over 4, it is a metal, that fractures like a rock. It is extremely hard. It has a "fusion crust" I broke off a small corner to see whats inside. It looks like grains of very shiny metal under a microscope. It polishes to a mirror finish with...