meteorite identification

  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help identifying strange rock I found

    Can anyone assist me in identifying this rock that I found? It wasn’t buried in the dirt at all and wasn’t very dirty whenever I found it. It is extremely magnetic and seems to boast some small yellow greenish crystals in the most magnetic part of the rock when examined up close. I even used a...
  2. Meteorite identification

    I found this a few months ago and I have had one geologist look at it and they couldn't tell me what it was, I have since had a search around online and found that it has alot of features that a meteorite would have, it is magnetic and pretty heavy for its size. If anyone can help with this it...
  3. Rare Glass Meteorite ?

    Bu taş nedir ? Karanlıkta parlayan bir üzerinde kurulum yapmış ama cam Göktaşı olabilir mi?
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this rock?

    -Found in Sweetwater, TX -Non-Magnetic The closet thing I can find is the Odessa, TX Meteor Creator Museum's meteorite.
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED found these suspected "meteorites"

    only have two at my disposal but seems to contain fusion crust Is magnetic 1st smaller specimen weighs 125g the bigger specimen is 870g found in the southern Californian desert
  6. Possible Meteorite??? Or just iron ore??

    Hello. I found this interesting rock near the rail road tracks near my house and it is magnetic on the bottom and has bubbly like substance on the top. I was wondering, could be a possible meteor or just regular iron ore??:icon_scratch:
  7. Possible Rare Meteorite? Need Help Identifying.

    I found this rock that looks like a meteorite near Saylorville Lake in Johnston, IA. The rock that has charateristics of a meteorite. It appears to have fusion crust, there are entry marks/striations on the sides. The center looks metallic, but a magnet will not stick to it. The rock is heavy...
  8. Could this be a meteorite?

    Hi everyone, new here. My father recently found this rock that he think could be a meteorite. It’s very heavy, about the size of my hand. It attracts magnets in some spots. Do you think it could possibly be a meteorite? Thank you.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Could this possibly be a meteorite?

    It’s magnetic, passes the streak test, and seems to have thin layer of fusion crust. The inside looks all iron/nickel.