mineral identification

  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Is this real gold or fool's gold in quartz?

    Found in Sweetwater, TX
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Blue/purple stone needing identification

    Discovered in Sweetwater, TX
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help Identifying translucent stone please...

    Found in Sweetwater, TX
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are These Diamonds?

    I have read as much as I could and looked at every image on the internet...and yet I'm still not confident if these are diamonds. Why? Because for every precious gemstone, there are 10 other stones that look exactly the same. 😂 I know kimberlite, blue ground, natural erosion of diamonds...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help Identifying Stones.

    I dug these up in Sweetwater, TX.
  6. Is this calcite?

    I believe this is calcite, but just wanted to get other opinions. Milky white. Filling cracks in Mississippian (or maybe Pennsylvanian?) limestone in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. That's my stubby toe in the second pic for scale. :) Thanks in advance!
  7. What is it? little black cirlcles on turquoise I think

    black circles on blue
  8. Might have found something trapped in amber

    Not exactly sure if this is even what i think it is but if i believe to have found a specimen how do i go about getting it analyzed? Any info would be greatly appreciated and thankyou in advance for your time!
  9. I think this is a gypsum or flourite mineral??? What kind do you think it is??

    I think it is a mineral (if it is one)?? Can anyone help me out?? Thanks!! :icon_scratch:
  10. Help identify

    I found this little guy while mining in Arkansas. This is the only one I found with this coloring. Has random black clouds in some but not all of the points.
  11. Rock hound find ..any thoughts ?

    I examined thru a magnifier and there wasn’t any signs of bubbles jus clear through
  12. strange mineral identification.

    I hope than someone know something about this mineral of brown color. It is like a glass inside with strange circular structure. Thank you. Mike
  13. mix of minerals?

    What is it? It looks like it has pieces of multiple minerals. There's a section with crystals, looks like maybe some pyrite, some parts look oily, very few dark blue specs, a section that looks like hematite or jasper. I'll try to clearer photos another day because my phone camera can't quite...
  14. Jasper?

    Is this red and green rock some kind of jasper? scratches glass.
  15. What is this green rock?

    Mostly opaque but translucent on the very edges of the green part. The beige part scratches glass but the green part does not.
  16. euchroite? green quartz?? What is it?

    SOLVED euchroite? green quartz?? What is it? More minerals/ gems from the box of random rocks I found in my basement. Blue-green, translucent, scratches glass. I don't have any background in this but I'm trying my best with the materials I have.
  17. What is this???

    UPDATED WITH CORRECT PHOTO!! Blue and gray with gold flakes. What is this??
  18. Chrysocolla??

    I don't know what this is and google is telling me it may be Chrysocolla. Is it? It's a turquoise green color
  19. Jasper?

    Are these pieces Jasper? If not, what are they?
  20. Ruby?

    What is this? Based on my googling it looks like a variety of corundum like ruby. I have no experience in this stuff but found a box of a bunch of minerals and gems and need help ID'ing them Red/Purple