1. How to modify dx5000 with headphones.

    Hello. New to site and new to hobby. I just picked up a Treasure Tracker DX5000 at a thrift store for $7. I think it would be great fun for me and my 6-year-old godson to mess around with in the yard. However, I would like to modify it so I can plug some 3.5mm earbuds into it when I use it...
  2. Reduce sweating in over-the-ear headphones? Garrett MS-3 headphone mod?

    Now that I've gotten used to the Garrett Z-Lynk MS-3 headphones that come with the AT Max and Apex, I never want to go back to wired headphones if I can help it! My one concern is that the cups are little saunas for the ears, and it's not even really that hot yet. I've used over-the-ear...
  3. Vibra-tector Modifications

    As I've seen many others intrigued by this little tool, I have done a search online for any modifications for the Vibra-tector 730 and haven't found any. I know many of you have made modifications to the Excalibur II and even the Bounty Hunter pinpointer, so I wanted to know, is there anyone who...
  4. Adding pinpoint/mode button to handle for Minelab Sovereign GT straight shaft

    Any tips links advice appreciated. OR if you know anyone who does this mod. Thanks in advance!:wrench_orange:
  5. Whites Surfmaster Modification

    White's Surfmaster Modification :hello2: Finally I finished my metal detector Surf. Very, very pleased with him. I want to thank you and everyone who helped me to finish it. I put on youtube to see. Thank you very,very much ! Denis! :wave: