1. Old square spike from Illinois

    Square spike found in old Illinois town several inches underground. Any ideas to age? seems square and irregular. top seems to be rose shaped.
  2. Ship nail?

    Hello to all First post, found this old nail today using a mine lab. Few inches down in a washed out sand dune. I’m on the treasure coast of Florida, but this was not particularly close to any of the 1715 wrecks. Found it next to bathtub beach in Stuart FL. Anyone have any insight into it...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Ship Wreck Drift wood

    I found this piece of drift wood on the beach in Bald Head Island, NC just after Hurricane Ian passed. I assume it's off an old wreck. The nail appears to be hand forged bronze. Any ideas about age or origin?
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Some sort of (prehistoric?) nail, tool or arrowhead found at sea floor

    Hi All, I found this while snorkeling at the North-West coast of Sardinia, at around 5m depth, some 100-150m off the shore. Cleaned it a bit, but didn't attempt any further as not to damage it. If you have any ideas what it could be or how I could clean it further let me know please. Here's a...
  5. What was this made for?

    This was recovered on November, 7th 2019 in Ellisville, Mississippi using a White's MXT Pro, and I do not have a clue what it would have been attached to nor am I sure what the engraving says. So I am counting on the Treasure Net Collective to educate me. I have no clue as to why some...
  6. Square nail at high tide

    Hi everyone, While walking the Coquille (southern coastal Oregon) near the ocean at high tide I found what looked like a piece of nasty dangerous beach trash, of which there is always far too much. But on further inspection this looks like a square nail. I've taken several photos in case...
  7. Nail? How old?

    I found this nail in my daughter's backyard on the Bolivar Heights overlooking Harpers Ferry, WV. Her home stand on the site of the Civil War battlefield. They've found Civil War artifacts on the property. I found this nail Can anyone tell me if it dates to that era? It responds to a...
  8. Is this a 35 date nail??

    I found it deep in the dirt!!
  9. Old hold down nail?

    I am a newbie at metal detecting and excited to start this hobby. Today in my yard in Saint Charles County, Missouri I found an old nail. Not that old because I can tell it was machine made. However does anyone have any info as to its use or age. It does have a marking on it. Looks like an X...
  10. Brass ship spike/nail? Found on Beach 0.3 Nautical Miles Downstream from Sloop Wreck

    Yesterday, I posted a thread here called a Few Whatsits and Two Bullets from Beach near Coast Guard. One of the items I asked for help identifying in particular now stands out after I read one of the responses I received: Icewing told me this may be a broken old brass ship's spike or...
  11. ✅ SOLVED Could anyone help date/identify this nail?

    I found this nail today off of a hiking trail that I've found many late 1800s items around. I've looked over several online nail identification resources but haven't seemed to have been able to find a diagram/picture of one specifically like this. Help from someone more knowledgeable would be...
  12. Nail? Pipe?

    I live on Bryant Bay in Hayes, VA (Gloucester county). Today the tide was very low and I figured it would be a great time to try out my metal detector. I walked out in to the muck with my kids and here are two of the treasures we found. One looks to be a broken nail. It looks old? The other- I...
  13. 🥇 BANNER Gold Nail found

    Heya everyone! So I found a gold nail today. Yup! It was bound to happen, thousands of regular iron nails and I finally find a gold nail. LOL I never expected this! My scale says it weighs .3 grams. I posted the picture on a Facebook chat that I was in and was given some great information...
  14. Found old big nail

    i went detecting yesterday (03/28/2015), next to an old sugar factory (1500-1600). The place is called "Ingenio Diego Caballero". It's in Dominican Republic. I spent only like 20 minutes next to that place and i found this little friend. any idea on how to know if it's that old?
  15. A few bits and pieces from my back yard

    I just bought a Pro-pointer, and today was my First chance to really use it! What a time saver! I found these in the back yard, nothing special, the neatest to me is the old square nail.
  16. My first video!

    K Now Let go dip dip!