native american artifacts

  1. Northwest Georgia

    Hello I’m new to relic hunting, but very intrigued. I work on a couple large heavily graded and excavated job sites, close to creeks and a large river. Could someone help me with identifying any of these, most likely my imagination and they’re just rocks. Thabks
  2. Arrowheads


    Some of my rocks
  3. Quartz Arrowhead

    Quartz Arrowhead

    My very first find
  4. Moment of Truth I'm going to post my newly acquired collection and ask a favor for you guys to dissect it, or some, and give me you're honest opinion. My question is to find out first, if they all are genuine; and 2nd what you would've been willing to purchase all of it, and take into consideration as...
  5. Black flint flakes??

    Found all these rocks in the same general area of a field in NW Florida. I see conchoidal fractures so I'm assuming it's flint. Any chance these are knapping flakes or could it possibly be natural? Trying to figure out if it's a good location to dig for points.
  6. Need help identifying these Native American artifacts I have - stone axe heads

    I have a few Native American artifacts passed on to me from a family member. Any and all info about these awesome pieces are welcome!!/Users/Rlangham/Desktop/IMG_9013.jpeg/Users/Rlangham/Desktop/IMG_9014.jpeg/Users/Rlangham/Desktop/IMG_9017.jpeg/Users/Rlangham/Desktop/IMG_9018.jpeg
  7. Please help me identify this Native American stone

    Anyone know what this is? I found this by the Rio Grande River on the American side by Harlingen, Texas.
  8. ✅ SOLVED Random patterns on an old rock or markings?

    This size rock is way out of place in our farm fields here in Delaware. It was covered with mud when I picked it up but I was curious so I brought it home. I have never seen this many marks on a field stone before and it fits my hand very well. As a novice I would appreciate all thoughts or...
  9. Head scratched for sure

    Found this in a creek in North Central Arkansas. A place where I find a few points and lots of tools. It is split down the middle like it was 2 halves at one point. To me it looks like a moccasin form or a mold. Actually two sizes, one on bottom and a smaller sized on top. I would say...
  10. Carved rectangular stone artifact - Colonial? Shipwreck? Native American?

    I found this small stone object last summer on the shore of an uninhabited island in the Chesapeake Bay. Not sure how old it is, or what it is. It looks like a smushed rectangle. Sedimentary rock. Could it be a random artifact from a shipwreck, or possibly something Colonial or Native American...
  11. Need help with any info you have on these. I found them below the dam at....

    I found these a few years back at Beaver Lake located in Benton and Washington Counties in NorthWest arkansas. Was hoping maybe someone could tell me what period they are from or just any information. Iv been collecting arrowheads/native american tools for about ten years. I have alot more at...
  12. Effigy or just a rock

    Was wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like this. I found it in Southern Kentucky near the confluence of two creeks along the bank of the larger creek a few yards from where I found a flint spear point. The type of stone and color it is made out of is unlike anything else in the area...
  13. No Real Secret Here

    Last year I visited a known, but not very popular, Pueblo site. This area of the state is littered with ruins like these (all of which are accessible without permits because it is on government land) but it requires lots of 4 wheel driving and very strenuous hiking. Because they are so hard to...
  14. Ancient Tools or Rocks ???

    Here are a few more in the tool/problematic category. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  15. some awesome pottery i found in utah

    i found these on private land i utah.......tell what you think!!!