newbie advice

  1. Is it worth exploring more??

    Hi, just came across a dried up river and found the flakes in the attached image. There must be hundred's of thousand tiny flakes scattered around that are visible to the eye. The largest one is about 1.5cm long. Is it worth exploring this area with a detector? Thanks in advance for your replies :)
  2. Noobie in SoCal (sortof)

    Hello all, I probably should have done this back 5yrs ago when I joined just to ask a question about mica that I got overly excited about! :dontknow: Well, I'm now fully established in San Bernardino, CA now & in the last 5 yrs have only been able to make it out 2 times! I'm hoping to change...
  3. Semi Newbie checking in!

    Hey Guys! My name is Jon originally from South Dakota but currently in Orange County CA. I've considered myself a treasure hunter my entire life but really want to spend some serious time exploring/hunting California. In South Dakota i've done a little bit of everything. Metal detecting, gold...