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  1. Great Score

    Just wish it was from CRH'n. I bought 5 Morgans, 5 Peace, 11 90% halves, 15 40%, 11 quarters and 1 Canadian. Bought everything about half price of spot. I have been hitting halves hard, but nothing worthy of posting. I am planning on buying some more silver. Bars or coins? WHY? I am...
  2. dang what a collection There was a better article I read yesterday but can't remember which site- Oh ya saxplayer- nothing to do with crh except coins ------------------------------------- just keep stacking, just keep stacking, stacking...
  3. Value?

    can someone tell me the value of these 1969-B 1 dollar bill 2004 20 dollar star note
  4. Newest Silver Aquasitions! Au-Ag

    Hey guy's I know this is a CRH Forum but I wanted to start a new thread called "Newest Silver Bullion Aquasitions" you guys can post your recent buys, junk silver purchases, new bullion added to your stack!
  5. whats goin on?

    There ain't been much activity round the crh'n forum this time of year. everyone keep roll'n and more importantly, keep postin. Less threads, less posts, less likes, I dont know whats goin on. hope all you rollers are a-O.K. signed 50cent
  6. White Cheddar

  7. default

    If it happens what will PM prices do? I know its all skepitcal and no known facts Just want to hear what everyone's thoughts are ------------------------------------- just keep stacking, just keep stacking, stacking stacking stacking
  8. Take a penny/leave a penny OR???

    I was at the counter of a gas station and happened to notice a suspiciously silver looking Canadian dime sitting in a clear dish all by itself. So in my best confused sounding voice I asked: "what is that?" followed up with the old "hmmm.... can I have it?". One "I don't care..." later: I was...
  9. What to wear....(CRHN edition)

    What to wear....(CRH'N edition) Aight, heres the deal: there is a thread in the metal detectin forum on this site, talking about what various metal detectors wear when they go out metal detecting. I'd like to apply this same question to the C-R-H-n community and ask the same question translated...