1. Possible Lead Or Silver Ore???

    Any Help??
  2. ❎ SOLD Chlorargyrite - The Mineral Form of Silver Chloride Ore FOR SALE

    Note; This is not material suitable for simple crushing & panning due to heavy sulfides. If you aren't into refining at all, then it isn't probably for you. But message me for questions nonetheless. They do make for pretty stones anyway. I also can't get the picture uploader to work. You can...
  3. Pyrite or gold??

    Hello, Need a little experienced help in identifying the yellow material running through the quartz vein in this rock. Thank you, Yvette
  4. ????????????

  5. Need help identifying several rocks I found in various parts of Clark County Nevada

    These samples were found just north of the Keystone and Chaquita Mine just west of Goodsprings, Nevada. These two I believe are similar in composition to one another. I simply ground and polished the edge on one of the samples. These were found in crystalized sheets on the outside exposed...
  6. Need help identifying several rocks I found in various parts of Clark County Nevada

    I found quite a bit of these rocks halfway between Las Vegas and Goodsprings, Nevada. Looks like pseudomorphed iron pyrite to me but I will yeild to the experts. I took one of the samples and polished the edge down for no real reason other than just to do it. Has a hardness similar to my...
  7. Is this copper ore?

    I sure hope so, cause I lugged about 50 lbs of it down a mountain. If it is, can anyone identify the type of ore, and if it has any value to collectors as is. Thank you!
  8. :blob1: detecting I found this rock gem ore. I need help identifying it.:blob1::blob8

    I think its some kind of polybasite or silver minerals or lead. It is very heavy this one rock weighs 20 lbs. I'm a novice in geology. Please help me identify this. If anyone has a tip please any information is so helpful.

    Can anyone help me identify this piece I found? I found this with my metal detector mixed in with an old homes rock foundation that was all buried under years of leaves and soil. It weighs approx 8 lbs, does not flake, is solid except for the small amount of quartz type minerals on one side. All...
  10. Is this some kind of ore?

    Picture is of a rock i found near my house. I found some pictures of lead/silver mine claims on Ebay and alot of the rocks in the woods near by looked simmilar. Then i found rumors of lost mines in Missouri, then i found sink holes in woods and i hear of people finding old Roman coins here...
  11. Got A Rock you Want Identified? Post it here! gimme a good picture or 3 or 4!

    Hey guys if you have any rocks you want identified,, or are having a problem with the composition, Post it with questions, and a brief summary of where you got it..I'm down to help! And I love to play Stump the Chump!:coffee2:
  12. gold/silver ore?

  13. Copper drives me nuts in the Vein,, but

    It sure is PRETTY! lol Anyone else got good looking Copper ore?
  14. Coins Cache or Ore?

    There has been two dowsing hits on this image. They were close to each other but not real close. One hit ore and one hit coins. So I am asking for a third opinion. I would suspect there would be silver ore in this area but the two prior hits said gold. I would even be happy with meteorites...
  15. Need Help To Identify Todays Find

    Need Help To Identify Today's Find I found this today detecting out on a claim. Made the Gold Bug scream. It's a beast of a rock, 5.5oz. When I scratch the black surface off it appears silver. It is not magnetic. Is it silver? Palladium or Platinum would be much nicer :headbang: