1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Near old Spanish Trail. Any ideas?

    Near Old Spanish Trial southern Utah. Anyone have information? Ideas?
  2. EVER seen ANYTHING like this before?

    Wasn’t even looking. Stone was solidly embedded in ground and I kicked it several times until it flipped over. It was covered in hardened dirt. I thought I saw something on it so I cleaned it off and wow, wasn’t expecting this. It was next to my home in a gated community just over the Wall...
  3. Widespread sign #1: "Lilo" or "lilo"

    Hi, I've been told these are possibly survey marks of some kind, but from Colonial Spanish era techniques? I find them here and there in S. NM, often associated with (perhaps ill-advised?) digs or blasting! Have not found any outside the region yet. You have any that you can share from your...
  4. Petroglyph Discovery

    I've seen lots of arrowheads, flake knives, pottery and the like but I haven't seen too many petroglyphs on this site so I figured I post a few that my friend and I discovered hiding in a canyon in North East Arizona. These are extremely old and extremely hard to get to as it requires a lot of...