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Mar 27, 2015
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I've seen lots of arrowheads, flake knives, pottery and the like but I haven't seen too many petroglyphs on this site so I figured I post a few that my friend and I discovered hiding in a canyon in North East Arizona. These are extremely old and extremely hard to get to as it requires a lot of climbing on very slippery and very high surfaces without any trails. Don't worry, these are not on the reservation and I had permits to be in the area but because some jerk decided to carve his initials into a more well known set of petroglyphs nearby, I will not disclose the location of these.

What makes these so special to me, besides the fact that few know of their existence, is that the red sandstone which was exposed when these were initially carved has turned black. To give you some perspective, other petroglyphs found in the same general area are estimated to be around 800 years old and the sandstone is still very red. These ones were hard to see at first because we didn't know what we were looking at but once you saw one, suddenly you saw them everywhere in the desert varnish.

Obviously I wasn't able to take this treasure home, but I snapped a few pictures and figured that some people here would enjoy my discovery. :)


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Very cool, I also see a deer to the right of the lower red box.

Would alerting an archy be advised for these petros?

Super cool.

Buckleberry, you’re right! There is another one in the corner of that picture. I never even noticed!
But I don’t think that there’s much need to contact any archeologists. For one thing, I don’t know who I would even contact for that. And secondly, I know that there was an archeological expedition in the 60’s to excavate and map out over a thousand Native American sites in this area and in the hundreds of thousands of acres surrounding it. Although I can’t say for certain, my guess is that these petroglyphs are probably noted by someone, somewhere. :P

Thanks everyone for taking a look. I wish I would’ve taken more pics though. There were so many petroglyphs on the walls.

~Happy hunting, ya'll

Thanks for taking those pics. Those are amazing......

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