1. Different types of alluvial wash plants

    Hey guys, here is a great article on different types of alluvial wash plants. Some are also used in hard rock gold production such as the Knelson concentrator and spiral concentrators. You are guaranteed to learn something from this article, even if you've been mining for decades...
  2. Searching for Ancient Rivers in West Africa

    This is a great article about artisanal mining in Africa and the latest technology for mapping paleochannels. It's cool to see the contrast between old and new.
  3. Guide to Prospecting Ancient River Channels

    Hey guys, here's a great article explaining what paleochannels are and how to hunt for them. Tons of good info in there: Paleochannel Hunting Guide The article explains some of the science about ancient river channels and some of the modern techniques for locating them.
  4. Any core drilling experts on here?

    Hey guys, I managed to get a small diamond drill for really cheap and I want to use it for placer gold testing. What I want to do is take core samples of alluvial material (gravel, glacial till, soil, overburden) and to sample the bedrock for a foot or two. The drill that I have is called a...
  5. What does it mean to be a "Free Miner"?

    Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Free Miner? The history goes back to medieval Europe and even ancient Rome. Check out this article about the history of the FMC:
  6. Placer Gold/Mining tracts for sale - CO

    Found this while I was searching for land up in CO -,31;13,12;23,16;268,6843;407,20038319&px=50000&r.PSIZ=5%2c&sort=PR_A Here are the screenshots: Here is a description from one of the 80 acre ads: This is a legally registered, 80 acre...
  7. Adams in the Papers

    I'll post some newspaper clippings from a time period a little closer to the events than today. Some very different perspectives. I'll leave to our resident experts to try and separate out or explain the Adam's placer versus the Adam's Lode, the number of men in the original party, landmarks...
  8. Gold , silver ?

    Wondering if there is any exposed veins ,mines, caches on this photo?
  9. San Tan Valley Placer?

    Hi all! I wondered if anyone who is familiar with Arizona has ever heard tell of placer gold in the San Tan mountains (southeast of Phoenix)? I am aware of the old mines in the area such as the famous "lucky strike" (gold and copper mine) in the northern face of that range that most locals...
  10. Hello From South of The Border

    Hello All, I am a newbie here at and interested in gold panning. Where I live there is a decent amount of placer gold in the rivers. In fact there are ancient Indian collection pools up the river from me. I have conducted some quick panning and seeing color and black sand...
  11. Large Scale Placer Exploration in the Yukon

    Hey guys, Over April and May this year I spent 7 weeks on a large scale prospecting gig in the Yukon. We had a small team of 3 guys and some cool machines. Our main tool was a Nodwell mounted 12" auger drill. Check out the write up here, Yukon Placer Trip
  12. New claim needs dowsing please?

    This is our new claim. I am a placer miner, but 80% the work done on the site in the picture, was done by exploration crews looking for a vein (lode miner's). There are rock tailing piles, overburden piles, and even a small pile of crushed rock that was stock piled. The claim is so new, I have...
  13. Where these rocks deposited by the creek or by the Glacier

    Do you think the round rocks mixed in with the very promising looking rusty rock was put there by the river of by the glacier.. If it was by the river it looks like very promising placer material.. If by the glacier then it might just be glaciel till... What do you think? Treasure and Gold...
  14. Northern BC - day in the life

    This is a quick story about a visit last year to a new claim in Northern BC. I had researched the area and was able to acquire a claim on a tributary to one of the main gold creeks in the area. The tributary had some history and it looked really nice on the topo map and Google Earth. Access...
  15. Found some placer gold in ohio...NEED advice

    Greenhorn Gold prospecter in ohio here, need some advice on where to look. I live in youngstown ohio by the mahoning river. Found some Flour gold right in my backyard in a spot where drainage has cut out the earth..Pics attached of gold
  16. Did I find a Platinum Nugget?!

    Thread closed due to age. :D This was platinum, and I sold it. :) Heya everyone; Question: Platinum or Silver or Other? I found a small silver nugget today that I think may be Platinum. I think it is right around 1/2 gram +/- and when I drop it in water it falls just as fast as gold. I...
  17. A Lost Gold Canyon Found Part II

    Here is a vid about our search for gold in the local mountains. We pan for some gold and explore some old mines in the amazing mountains of British Columbia. Have a watch. Daryl The Placer mines of Siwash creek in the Fraser Canyon