pocket watch

  1. My first GOLD thing!....and a pocket watch

    Well i finally got around to hitting the beach up this weekend. i am way more interested in historical items. But with the proximity of the fort being so close, i thought what the heck. It could be the best of both worlds. Since the state wont let me metal detect any where inside the historic...
  2. Silver pocket watch information request

    There used to be a forum called "whatsit" to get information on an item. I don't seem to find it, so please place this post as is appropriate. This silver pocket watch was on a permission site. Being that the date inside may be 1945, I am interested in finding out if it is associated with the...
  3. Is this an old Pocket Watch case?

    I found this metal detecting yesterday but can't figure out if it's a pocket watch case or what. It has a mark of a flag with 1 star inside the flag. The outside fell apart
  4. Amazing awesomeness keeps coming out of the dirt here in WA. 150 year old boots!!

    Hi everybody. First thank you to everyone who has emailed and written us about our recent finds. River and I have come across a very special site in the mountains of Washington State which is producing incredible finds every time we are there. We’ve decided to put together a three part video...
  5. South Jersey Finds

    Hi, Went out detecting the last couple of days and found a few coins and these items as well. Does anybody have any idea of what I might have? *. I understand the pocket watch, but I wanted to identify it further - with your help. * Not sure of the small container? * Could this button be...
  6. Elgin Pocket Watch

    I think by researching the serial number this is a 1915 Elgin. The photo below shows what I found. Thanks.
  7. Can anyone identify this pocket watch?

  8. 20OZ of brass and a pocket watch today !

    Here are the highlights had one do not pass me by dig signal which turned out to be an old pocket watch around six inches down. Then a really strange sounding signal that turned out to be a twenty ounce oil plumb bob, just goes to show that it is impossible to tell what will turn up next ! Think...