1. Old rockhounds collection... any ideas?

    Hey all, I'm new to this site, just joined because I have a question.. There is an old man here in my town in Rural America, who has been rockhounding since the age of "6" and will be 87 this fall. Unfortunately, his health has taken a turn and he'll be moving into a home here shortly. I fear...
  2. T

    Gold Placer observations from a gold Bullion Dealer and Federal Claim owner

    Im lucky enough to be a miner and a refiner. Dealing with bullion products and metal recycling, I also see things from the selling and buying public perspective. A lot of talk this summer was about the shortage of silver blanks to make bullion product, but that seems to easing with only the...
  3. Whites TRX Pinpointer Prices

    I'm looking into getting my first PP and decided that the TRX has just a bit more for me than the Garret Pro-pointer. I don't want to be replacing cheaper pointers with better ones in the future, and the TRX seems to have it all, it truly looks like it will aid me in this hobby. Kellyco's...
  4. 1919 book makes trip to Halloween party worth it.

    I was at a Halloween party with the family and noticed a table with books for 25 cents. I saw a book that looked to be old, but in great condition with a period ad for that book inside of it. I paid the 25 cents for the book and did some research when I got home. The website said that this is a...
  5. ❎ SOLD Good deal on Garrett Propointer out there? New or used is fine.

    Like the title says, looking for one. I can get a new one on ebay for $125. Anybody got a better deal?
  6. Capped Bust Half Dollar Question.

    I paid $45.00 for a 1818 Capped bust on ebay. It appears to have the pincher eight variety. How much do you think it is worth in this condition and with the rare variety. oh yeah you can not see the pinchers that well in the picture
  7. Beginner needs advice!

    Hey everybody! I need some advice. So I'm pretty well aquainted with gold prospecting, and that is my primary interest when t comes to treasure hunting. I just recently decided that I wanted to pick up metal detecting. I went to my local harbor freight and bought a 50 dollar detector. Fired it...