1919 book makes trip to Halloween party worth it.


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Feb 21, 2013
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I was at a Halloween party with the family and noticed a table with books for 25 cents. I saw a book that looked to be old, but in great condition with a period ad for that book inside of it. I paid the 25 cents for the book and did some research when I got home. The website said that this is a very rare classic book on raising rabbits from 1919 (they even made commemorates in 2010). It appears to be first edition and rare. The only original I saw online was going for around $200 and was in worse condition then mine.
Even though we did not win the raffle we still won in a way.

P.S. The tittle of this book is "Practical rabbit keeping" and is not a 2010 reproduction because the 2010 book has a different cover.

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Nice save on an old book. Wish I could find some old detector books and warren merkitch's beachcomber's handbook at a sale like that.

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