1. Arrowheads from South Texas collected over the years

    We have a display case full of them but picked out the ones that looked like the best. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Artifacts recently found from the 1800's at our ranch

    Hello, This is my first post on the forum and I'd excited to share my recent discoveries! Our ranch has been in the family for more than 100 years and there were always stories about war battles during the time when my great great grandfather operated a sheep farm in the late 1800's. A couple...
  3. 1937 Farm 1965 Dime... 1rst MD hunt there ~newly abandoned~..Sept 22 hunt Pahrump NV

    Hi, my 1rts post about FINDS and its in RECENT FINDS.. I did some research on a 12 acre parcel about 3 miles from my house, the mobilehomes from the ealy 70s are now GONE...so are the people...its now abandoned, anyways, the owner went off to Redding Calif to retire, so I wrote him, he had no...