1937 Farm 1965 Dime... 1rst MD hunt there ~newly abandoned~..Sept 22 hunt Pahrump NV


Sep 23, 2014
Pahrump, NV Mojave Desert near Death Valley
Detector(s) used
Whites MXT stnd. factory coil & Eclipse DD
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All Treasure Hunting
Hi, my 1rts post about FINDS and its in RECENT FINDS..

I did some research on a 12 acre parcel about 3 miles from my house, the mobilehomes from the ealy 70s are now GONE...so are the people...its now abandoned, anyways, the owner went off to Redding Calif to retire, so I wrote him, he had no problem with me detecting his old farm land....permission granted!

So...I was thinking.... VIRGIN TERRITORY! FINALLY!.... I arrive and its hot out....sunny...ok I take a peek around...found the old river stone foundations of a homestead.....a cattle pond....a well shaft and some metal piping & about 100 feet away some nasty decrepit buildings and a cinder block structure prolly from early 1970s....my homework online at county records showed the Well was constructed and installed in 1937... sorry no pics yet of property....I have never posted here before... so I didn't take any LOCATION shots...

22-Sept-2014-MD-finds-PahrumpNV.JPG22-Sept-2014-MD-finds-PahrumpNV (1).JPG22-Sept-2014-MD-finds-PahrumpNV (2).JPG

I'm thinking ok coins HAD to be lost in between all the work done out there....cotton or alfalfa farmers hafta have a few cents in their pockets right? opening and closing the gates, nothing near the gates or on the driveway..., walking out the house front door, getting into out of vehicles at the drive area..nope nuthin.... found some almost dead Grape Vines that were thick and old...thinkin'...ok garden area FOUND...but no coinage...nothing jus' trash..so I go to the cattle chute out near the road...of-course tons of trash and giant tumble weeds...rattle snake critter area...uhg..nuthin good...

so I hit up all the hot spot areas....LOTS of trash...weird melted aluminum...lots of newer pull tabs from the 80s 90s....only one coin! a 1965 Roosevelt...UHG! how disappointing! I will hit it again, but man I was hoping for better ....Ill keep ya posted if I find anything worth noting out there in the future...Cheers and happy hunting

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