1. Unknown painted pottery?

    Hello, does anyone recognize the markings on these pottery ? The inner layer of the pottery appears to be a sandstone color clay and the outer is red clay, with black geo shapes. I found these pieces in rio rancho new mexico. very close to home. My daughters history teacher thinks it may be...
  2. Help needed to identify rough stones and chips, thoughts please!

    Hello all, I have little experience with gemstones and found these with a collection of jewellery at auction. Not the most exciting treasure hunt but an unexpected find still! I understand its difficult to tell from photos but can anyone see anything that would indicate what they are? I...
  3. Large unknown crystal / rock found in wetumpka Alabama

    I have attached a picture of a large reddish orange crystal I found at wind creek wetumpka state park in alabama, I also found some quartz crystals nearby. Anyone have any clue what type of stone or crystal this is?
  4. just a red jasper?

    this one is one of my favourite red jasper. but is there anything to say further more?
  5. Anyone have any information on this? Thank you.

    I was given these chairs, but i have no information on them. Can someone help please? Thank you.
  6. Garnet? Or?

    I've never seen a rock like this- although I'm also very new to rock hounding. The picture doesn't do much justice, the rock is actually very pink/ red- couldn't get the lighting right. The outside is waxy like and inside is coarse. What are your thoughts? Also, I live in Connecticut- if that...
  7. Help Identify This Rock, Eastern KY

    Hallo! I've collected these rocks from the creek bed on our estate for the last year or so. They come out of a hardened clay bank under some falls in the creek. They really stick out for they're very odd shaped, deep red in color with some orange on some rocks. They've VERY dense and rather...