1. Platinum and Black Sand

    Are there any small scale refiners that would be interested in about 2 lbs. of black sand with PGM's in it? I have tried to find one with no luck so far. I do not know the percentages, but here is the geologists report. "At 60 power I see a sample from No Calif you will see y-o round crystals...
  2. Goldcube Sluice box (all in one)..helps with amalgamation and less panning.

    SO I decided to cut down on the amount of refined #100 sieve amalgamate that i have and try to cut down on the amount of panning by building a sluice box with a twist. Gold Cube the beginning of the box... seemed like the next jump in cutting down the amount of fill/muck i was having to pan...
  3. Aqua Regia Yield.. Finally

    I finally got it down.. (damned nitric acid!) anyhoo this is from 100 ML of fine ground pre-etched (nitric to remove copper tin etc), gold cubed, and panned ore. (the "Floating gold" we just jar) I have found a lot of ""nuggets"" but they all end up having a lot of ore attached to it.. to get...
  4. Has anyone dealt with American Recycling Associates (ARA) recently?

    I just went to their website to send them some gold and noticed on their FAQ section (Precious Metal Recovery And Refining FAQ) that they do not deal with the public? I sent them gold last year, was very happy with them, so I'm confused if this is something new. Has anybody dealt with them recently?