Has anyone dealt with American Recycling Associates (ARA) recently?


May 10, 2009
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sent you a PM


you also can use midwest refineries

Apologies, baylorhall....the essence of my PM was a suggestion that the member phone ARA and explain that he is a metal detectorist and a forum member recommended ARA to him...I think ARA would accept his package under those circumstances.. also if he has done prior business with ARA , there should be no problem..I have had no problem sending packages to ARA.


Thanks, Lorraine. How recently have you dealt with them? (just wondering if this is a new policy). I emailed them, but haven't heard back. Thanks!

I'm not sure; I first heard about it from a forum member ...I think it was about 6 months ago

I phoned them asking about this new policy; the rep told me that since I was a past and current customer, I could just send the package in and they would accept it.

I would suggest that you phone them; they are very professional, pleasant , and helpful.


Ive sent gold to ARA since the policy change and havent had any problems. Ive been dealing with them for two years.

Yes, in the past week. Just fill out all you can on the forms and write metaldetectorist in a couple spots. They also buy stones. Last turn around time was 1.5 weeks.

I just received a check from them 2 weeks ago. ARA told me, the new form is part of the Home Land Security Act. It's the governments way to make sure it's not terrorists laundering money. ARA doesn't like it anymore than we do. Just call them and tell them you are a past customer and didn't know of the new form and they will take care of it.

I just sent them some gold and silver 3 weeks ago. I did not fill out the forms. They had a check back to me within eight days. Paid 98 percent instead of the 95 percent even though I had no tax ID. First time I have dealt with them. I will continue to deal with them as long as they remain good to their customers. Hope this helps.

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